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We believe in the care and nurturing of the WHOLE child. Children learn through play, so we as a team support learning domains of development basing our program on the physical, nutritional, intellectual, and social development needs using the children’s voice and our ongoing education in our facility and resources in the surrounding communities.

We believe children are individuals with unique talents, capabilities and aspirations. These qualities need to be nurtured in order for children to flourish in their development. Children have a natural sense of curiosity and we hope to facilitate this by providing a stimulating, healthy and caring environment.

We recognize that children experience life at their own level. We support this by accepting each child for their uniqueness and challenging their own interests, talents and abilities. Each child’s individuality will be recognized and respected. We feel that when children are valued, they will be confident to develop their own potential. Children will be encouraged to face new experiences and to know that it is not the success or the failure that is important, but the growing that occurs.


  • Emotional Health & Positive Identities
  • Belonging
  • Physical Health

Play & Playfulness

  • Imagination & Creativity
  • Playful Exploration & Problem Solving
  • Dizzy Play

Communication & Literacies

  • Communication Practices
  • Multimodal Literacies
  • Literate Identities w/in Communities

Diversity & Social Responsibility

  • Inclusiveness & Equity
  • Democratic Practices
  • Sustainable Futures


Our program is an inclusive learn through play program. We have two pieces to our programming that run side by side and compliment each other. The first part is an emergent curriculum approach. In this approach, the children are in charge of their own learning, and through our training, we strategically take the child’s lead and respond accordingly. The second piece is that we set out thoughtful provocations for the children to explore. In both ways, we are planning/expanding on what the children already know and show an interest in to meet their developmental needs, or challenging their abilities. This approach is currently at the forefront of early childhood education around the world and Alberta has recently created an early learning and child care curriculum framework that we follow.

When planning is so individualized, there are many ways that we can respond to all aspect of a child’s development.


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Opening Hours

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